Foreign Workers

The Canada Government's Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows eligible foreign workers to work in Canada for an authorized period of time if employers can demonstrate that they are unable to find suitable Canadians/permanent residents to fill the jobs and that the entry of these workers will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labour market. Employers from all types of businesses can recruit foreign workers with a wide range of skills to meet temporary labour shortages.

Three departments-Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Service Canada (the service delivery arm of Human Resources and Social Development Canada) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)- work together to manage and deliver the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Every year, over 90,000 foreign workers enter Canada to work temporarily to help Canadian employers address skill shortages. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) ensure that these workers will support economic growth in Canada and create more opportunities for all Canadian job seekers.

In almost all cases, you must have a valid work permit to work in Canada.

These steps must be followed before you apply for a work permit:

  • An employer must first offer you a job.
  • HRSDC must normally provide a positive labour market opinion of your job offer.
  • After HRSDC confirms that a foreign worker may fill the job, you apply to CIC for your work permit.